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Friday, January 22, 2021
We're likely to sleep in this morning, especially if we stayed up all night talking with friends, as we tend to do anytime the moon trines Venus. However, even if you didn't get to take advantage of this loving and open transit last night, there will likely be remnants of it throughout the day. You can expect anything from heightened intimacy to getting everything you ask for today.

Don't be surprised if you feel creatively inspired as well, which is also assisted when the moon sextiles Neptune to bring sensitivity, emotion, a feeling of connection to everything around you. If you don't normally think of yourself as an intuitive person, you could certainly question that today, and you may also feel more trusting of others than usual.

All of that occurs before the sun even rises, but the moon squares Mercury around the time most of us are getting out of bed, meaning you could feel powerful and maybe a bit too opinionated. Try to relax and lean into the residual peaceful energy, and most of all, be very careful not to get too wrapped up in emotional biases. The moon trines Pluto this evening, bringing us back to the ease of connectedness.
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